2015 DNA w/ Alloy Handle ***PRE-ORDER***

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2015 Monsta Athletics DNA – 2 piece COMPOSITE bat in Mid-Load and 3rd generation FIB technology.

This bat, if purchased at full price ($259.99), has a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturer defect.

    • 26 and 27oz Midload
    • ALLOY Handle!
    • HOT from the wrapper
    • M5 composite Non-linear design.

    • Safe for use with USA/ASA certified 52/300 and 52/275 compression balls

These are pre-order bats estimated to arrive May 1.
Only one bat per model is available for purchase in this sale! We will refund or cancel multiples to keep this limited sale fair. If you would like multiple bats, please consider buying a different alloy handle model. Thank you!

A one time lifetime replacement for this bat may also be purchased within one year of purchasing this bat through our website. It does not come with one.