2023 Monsta Athletics USA/ASA Lazer Fallout ***PRE-ORDER***

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2023 USA/ASA Monsta Athletics Lazer  – 2 piece COMPOSITE bat in Mid-Load

This bat, if purchased at full price ($259.99), has a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturer defect.

    • Available in 26oz and 27oz Fallout

    • Available in 3900 (Stiff), 2500 (Flex), or 4500 (Super Stiff) handle flex
    • HOT from the wrapper
    • M5 construction

    • Safe for use with USA/ASA certified 52/300 and 52/275 compression balls


A one time lifetime replacement for this bat may also be purchased within one year of purchasing this bat through our website. It does not come with one.