🍁2023 Perseverance USA ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat ***SALE***

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Special Limited Edition Cerebral Palsy Bat. Tribute to Easton Gudmundson and Don Bellerby Jr, and all others battling this terrible lifelong movement disorder. 

100% of the profits will go to Don Bellerby Jr to ease the financial burden this disorder puts on him and his family.

2023 Monsta Athletics Perseverance USA ASA Slowpitch Softball Bat – 2 piece COMPOSITE slowpitch softball bat with mid load and 3rd generation FIB technology.

    • 25oz Mid Load
    • 3900 (Stiff) Handle
    • HOT from the wrapper
    • M5 composite Non-linear design.

    • Safe for use with USA/ASA certified 52/300 and 52/275 compression balls

This bat is a special limited edition model and does not sell with any kind of warranty. It is also not available for purchase with replacement, and is not available as a replacement. Not available for return or refund when sold on sale for $199.99.